Theatre Festival Criteria

Listed below are some of the guidelines that Adjudicators follow when attending productions on behalf of the Cornwall Drama Association.



  • Is it functional and is it stable?
  • Does it enhance or overwhelm the production?
  • Is it user-friendly for the actors and crew?
  • If hired, has it been adapted to suit the venue and the group?


  • Are they usable?
  • Are they of the correct period?
  • Can they be seen easily from the back of the auditorium?
  • Are they accurate?
  • Do they liven up a scene?


  • Does the lighting plot enhance the production?
  • Have you ensured no actors are out of light?
  • Can faces be clearly seen?
  • Are cues/fades/blackouts on time?
  • Is the lighting comfortable for the audience? i.e. not flashing or blazing in their eyes?


  • Is the balance right for the audience?
  • In Musicals is the balance of amplified instrumental and vocal sound well judged for the audience?
  • Are personal mics set at the right level and well controlled?
  • Can the singers be heard?
  • Are SFX audible, suitable and on time?


  • Do the costumes fit?
  • Are they appropriate to the period and character?
  • Are they well accessorised?
  • Is the footwear and headgear suitable for the period?
  • Is the level of makeup appropriate for the size of venue?
  • Is ‘unusual’ makeup well applied?
  • Is hair and/or wigs appropriately dressed for the production?


  • Has the director interpreted the intentions of the playwright and presented clear development of the plot?
  • Has buildup of the plot been achieved?
  • Have good climaxes been presented?
  • Was there evidence of good teamwork?
  • Was there evidence of each cast member having been given good direction?
  • Was there sufficient rehearsal – especially of comic stage business?
  • Have there been good groupings and levels on stage?
  • Was there clear visibility and audibility for the audience?
  • Has timing, pace and attack been good?


  • In Musicals, did the choice of music suit the cast and production?
  • Was the accompanying music at a suitable level for the performers and audience?
  • Was the chorus work/ensemble/soloists’ music well chosen to ensure good performances?
  • For recorded music, was the balance of sound good?


  • Was the content and variation of dance/movement suitable for the production?
  • Was it well rehearsed?
  • Did the overall presentation of dance add value to the production?
  • Was there suitable matching of movement to song/music/cast members?


  • Was there good characterisation/body language/facial expression?
  • Good projection of speech and song?
  • Was there good variety of tone and pace of delivery?
  • Did the individual use the stage space well? Did he/she respond well to cueing?
  • Was there good teamwork with fellow cast members?
  • Was there sincerity and honesty in his/her performance?


  • Was the piece suitable for the group and venue?
  • Was there energy and dedication from the team?
  • Was the production successful as a whole?
  • Did it have a positive impact on the audience
  • Was there something about this production which lifted it above the norm?