Privacy Policy

Cornwall Drama Association – Privacy Notice

We collect the following data about our individual members:

• Name
• Address
• Email address
• Telephone numbers
• Whether membership is current

And for group members:

• Name of group
• Primary contact address
• Email address of primary and secondary contact
• Telephone numbers of primary and secondary contacts
• Whether membership is current

We use that information to contact our members to provide them with news about the
association and its activities and to manage their membership and renewal. The information
will not be used for marketing purposes other than making members aware of association
activities and inviting their participation, for which a charge may be made.

This information is stored in a shared spreadsheet. The names of individual members, the
name of their affiliated member group, and their email address are also stored in a mailing list
at Mailchimp (

If a membership hasn’t been renewed within 9 months of the start of the membership year the
data is removed from all locations.

This data can be viewed by the following association officers:

• The Chair
• The Treasurer
• The Membership Secretary
• The Co-ordinating Adjudicator

Any other committee member requiring access must make a request to one of those people
who must determine what use the data is being put to. Access to the data by any other party will not be allowed.

All members are asked, on renewal of their membership, to re-confirm this information. Any
part of that information may be withheld, but doing so may reduce our ability to communicate
with that member.


Anybody can receive a full copy of the information held about them by emailing the
Membership Secretary This information will be provided
with 30 days.

Anybody who has their information held by us can ask the Membership Secretary to remove all
or parts of that information, although doing so may well limit our ability to keep that person
informed of Association activities, and to remind them to renew their membership.

Anybody who know or suspect that the information we hold about them is incorrect may ask
the Membership Secretary to correct it immediately.

Data Controller: Cornwall Drama Association
Membership Secretary: John Clegg (